Thursday, March 6, 2008

Nike Half Marathon!

I have signed up for a half marathon - The Nike Half in San Franciso! Of course, runners are chosen by lottery due to the popularity of the event. Why is it so popular? I personally think it's because of the Tiffany Necklace that they give out in lieu of a medal. I hear it even comes in a pretty blue box too.

The ankle is doing good - I think I can actually go to the gym tomorrow! Yay! Probably won't be running on it until next week at the earliest.

So now it looks like I will be waiting for TWO pieces of good news come April 1 - my nursing school application and the notice of if I get to run in the Nike Half and earn my first Tiffany necklace/medal!


  1. Bummer about the ankle - but hooray for other things like the nursing school app and the Nike HM lottery! Good luck on both =)

  2. Here's to a speedy recovery, team mate!


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