Tuesday, March 4, 2008

What a pain in my...

Ankle. Why do I have to be so clumsy stupid? I sprained my ankle walking. Not running, not exercising or doing anything remotely athletic. And not in crazy high heels either. Flip flops. Bless my DH - he is making up stories about crazy potholes, but I don't really remember any. Either way, now I'm two days out of the gym and grumpy. I spent two days in an air cast, and that was a major pain, so now I'm just wearing an ankle wrap. I haven't been to the doc, but I don't want to rest it and ice it for any longer than I need to! And now the girls are talking about the Nike Half Marathon in San Fran, and get this - the medal is a TIFFANY NECKLACE. Complete with BLUE BOX. I need it. Seriously.

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  1. Those air casts really ARE a pain in the A.

    I think I'm as stoked as you are about the necklace.



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