Wednesday, June 25, 2008


It might seem really weird that I am posting about diapers, and I'm not even knocked up yet. But, I am in love with gDiapers. Why? Well, having been raised by Hippies and a Bio Major to boot, I care about the world and our environment. I was vegetarian for over half my life, and I am now considering going vegan for environmental and social reasons. Of course, all my friends (even the liberal ones!) used disposable diapers and would never even consider the idea of cloth. Of course, in addition to my liberal side, I also have a very cheap side. For example, I am going to breastfeed my kids as long as I can because it's not only free food (formula is as expensive as diapers), it's also a great weight loss tool. But I digress.

The thought of cloth diapers fermenting in a bucket grosses me out, which is enough to send most people to disposables, but because I am so cheap, I was willing to give it a shot, knowing full well that keeping my food in my stomach would end up being worth a few bucks. And then I discovered dDiapers. They are cloth diapers with a FLUSHABLE INSERT! Yay!! No scraping off poop and swishing buckets! No filling a landfill with the 3000 diapers your child will go through the first year of pooping. You can even compost the wet ones (read non-poopy). Maybe someday my husband will let me compost. The cost is about the same, depending on how large a pack you purchase, but the impact on the environment is huge. If any moms are reading my blog, I encourage you to check these out!


  1. Have you checked out a diaper service? Its the route, I think, we're going to go when we get pregnant.

  2. I want to cloth diaper but my DH is not into it at all. Seems he had a bad experience with them when his kids were babies. Umm hello, they are 17 and 18 now. You didn't have the AIOs they have now.

    I may end up G-diapering though because, like you, I think those rock.

    Environmentaly responsible all the way.


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