Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Long time, no see!

Life has been completely wacko! In a good way however :) Lots of opportunity at work, fun times with H, summer AND my birthday are coming up - what else could you want?

The best thing that has happened recently is my mini-vacation to Cabo! Yayayayayayay! I love Mexico. I love it even more when I get outside of the resort to eat tacos and cocos frios and practice my spanish. We did stay in an amazing resort, the Fiesta Americana Grand. This was the view from our balcony:
And the awesome pool we swam in every day and night.

We took a snorkeling cruise our first full day in Cabo, and were celebrating Mexico appropriately. See the Arches in the background?

This is where we went snorkeling... and all you're going to see because we never bought the waterproof camera. Sorry!

The next day we went on our ATV tour through the desert and on the beach.


On the way back, we had our driver stop for cocos frios and got a great view of a surfing beach. So rad that he had a machete.

Of course we got it to go, so we had to drink it out of a plastic bag.

I am so bad at taking photos - I guess I prefer to just enjoy the moment! Although next time I will be more focused on taking the shots. We ate at Panchos and had homemade mezcal for dinner one night, and then the next night we at the Original Park. It used to be the Original Trailer Park, but they moved so no more trailers. :) Lenny is awesome and funny - he will make you feel right at home and also make you laugh. And the House Margaritas were incredible AND very reasonable! One of the best times was watching the futbol game with the locals and drinkig 20 peso Pacificos - Mexico vs. Ecuador. As my neighbor yelled out to the TV at one point during the game "Estas tambien puta!" I'm not translating if you don't know what it means. :)

Our last afternoon there, we sat at the resort restaurant, and got our last bit of ocean and Mexico, at Al Pastor Ahi Tacos and drank micheladas. So yummy.

Goodbye Mexico! Can't wait to see you again!

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