Thursday, July 24, 2008

It's time

To figure out how to get all the fat off my ass. Really. Between everything that I do physically, and the stuff I eat, I should be having some sort of success, but no. So, I gotta do something about this. Now. I am tired of the jelly belly.

Tactic #1: I need to be way more vigilant about calories in and calories out. I will soon be investing in either another Heart Rate Monitor, or a Bodybugg since my fabulous Garmin doesn't give me calories burned on indoor/stationary workouts.

Tactic #2: I need to make sure I am getting at least two days of good heavy weight training in so I minimize any muscle loss. I am still trying to get that 30 day shred video, maybe that will be my thing.

Tactic #3 Ensure that I figure out what I am eating the night before. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Tactic #4 Bought some sugar-free gum that I hope will help with the cravings. Just got to keep my wits about me and recognize when I need to pop the crap into my mouth.

Tactic #5 I need to stay out of the booze, not just for my weight but also for the whole TTC and charting thing. Drunken moments have a negative effect on my chart.

Tactic #6 I think I am going to see my doctor about Metformin (a drug she mentioned during my last visit) that will help me with my blood sugar issues. Of course, not until I do some internet research first.

Is that enough tactics yet? I need this pooch gone.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dear Luteal Phase

I know you haven't been around very long, having been suppressed by birth control pills for years until just a few months ago, but I really need you to buck up and assert yourself right now. While you being defective is by no means the worse thing that could happen with my fertility, it's certainly not something that I want to see. So, I promise to take my B6 every day if you promise to get longer and stronger so if I am so lucky to actually have a fertilized egg in my uterus, you won't wash it away. Thanks in advance!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A few words on Motivation

If you want to do it, you need motivation. Plain and simple. Talking about it won't get you there, nor will popping a pill. Nor will showing up and doing it half-assed. You need motivation to not only push you there, but push out of your comfort zone.

The motivation I had 2.5 years ago when I looked at myself and said "Yuck - I'm FAT!" was mostly internal. I didn't really have a goal, I didn't really have anyone doing it with me. I just did it. I don't even know how I kept it up! I just did. There wasn't an option to quit.

Since I lost 38 pounds, my motivation has ebbed and flowed, but I think it's coming back in full force. Now it comes not only from an internal desire, but also external - a looming 1/2 marathon race, a new fitness toy, and people around me that are motivating.

There are also people around me that are less than motivating. I am sorry to say I don't have a lot of patience for people who constantly use excuses to explain away their lack of motivation. These are the people who talk about it a lot, but don't take any steps to do anything about it. I have known tons of people who say they hate exercise and want to lose weight without it. Well, I have news for you. Love it or hate it, you will never have permanent, healthy or attractive weight loss without execise. Sorry, that's the truth. You can eat low fat and low carb, live on carrot sticks the rest of your life, and you will never be truly healthy or as hot as a fitness model. Have you ever seen a skinny fat person with no butt and no curves? I rest my case.

Last, going through the motions at the gym doesn't do anything for you either. You need weights to help at least maintain muscle mass. And if you do cardio, you need to push yourself. If it's easy to talk, it's too easy. If you aren't sweating, it's too easy. That's just the way it is. And just because a particular piece of equipment says you burned 700 calories, doesn't mean you have.

You need to be conscious of what you eat. Not just think you're within a calorie target - you need to WRITE IT DOWN. There are tons of hidden calories in everything. Estimate best you can when you eat out, but overestimate if you're unsure. Restaurants hide a lot of fat in food - I know because I work at one.

If you don't put your health and fitness in a priority position, then you only have yourself to blame. Sorry for the harsh words, but it's tough love, baby. You can either work to better yourself, or you can stay the same. It's up to you.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I GOT IT! I randomly called the store where we bought our Wii game console to see if they randomly received a Wii Fit. They DID!!! OMG I was so excited, you have no idea. H went to pick it up, and of course as soon as I got home, it was ON baby! I got 77 minutes of game play, but some of that is H who I had to kick off after a while. Now, the Wii Fit did make my mii fatter (Ju ur Fat!) and my Wii Fit age is 45. That better go down tonight!

I did skip my two mile run to play Wii, but I promise to make that up tonight before busting out the balance board again. It will only take me 25 minutes or so to run that! Hopefully, weighing in every day will make me a more conscious eater too. One can hope!

Monday, July 14, 2008

What a great weekend!

It makes me a little sad that it's over, but this week is going to be great - I can just feel it!

Friday I got to try out the Wii Fit - I pink velvet puffy heart love it. I can't wait to get one! I have an outstanding order with Walmart but we'll see if it actually ships. The last time I thought I placed a wii fit order, it was cancelled because they sold more than they actually had in stock. The losers! So I am not holding my breath. Regardless, at the same time I was able to play with the wii fit, I also (finally) got to meet a group of girls from the OC Nest! I had a great time - I don't know why I waited so long.

These fabulous girls convinced me to run with them Saturday morning, and I am do glad they did! I was going to run four miles, but APK and I paced so well together that we did SIX! Whoopeeee! We actually dd more than six, but who's counting? I felt pretty good afterwards, but was dead tired later in the day. Part of that could have been the beers in the sun at the pool...

Sunday, I had brunch with a college friend who is literally 8 months pregnant! Possibly the last time I will see her before she has her baby. It's crazy! We spent the morning talking motherhood horror stories. Then I had to run home so H and I could leave for dinner with his parents. We ate super early so we were home with plenty of time to relax before we went to bed. Good times!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Not exactly an update...

First of all, I am fatty fatty fatty. That's what I get for a couple weeks of unrelenting pigging out and boozin'

Second of all, I don't understand my husband. Now he keeps telling everyone that we are TTC. Huh? Last I heard, you wanted one more ski season and one more vacation before TTC. Aside from that, I thought we were going to keep it QUIET! Like, just in case my body is already defective and we have issues. I don't know I would be able to take the pity from all of his family. I hope they were drunk and won't remember.

Regardless, I think my first two cycles were looking too darn normal, so this one is going to be a bigger PITA. Although I suppose I could still O within the next couple days and look like Cycle #1 all over again. I could also blame my lack of O on my stupid job for stressing me out. Or this one will be the 54 day cycle from hell. Well, the longer the cycles, the fewer periods, right? I try to focus on the positive.

In the meantime, I am working my silly little ass off trying to get a Wii Fit. I thought I had it... and then cancelled my order. I shake my fist at you eToys!!!!!!! Bastids! And I realized today that I am only 14 weeks away from the Half marathon. Eeek! I put together a training schedule that I must stick to. Which means I am running two miles tonight as soon as I get home, since I work tomorrow night. Maybe these twice a day cardio sessions will at least deflate my belly. Friday will be a weigh in, and at the very least I don't want to show a gain!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

H is a Jerk

Maybe I'm too sensitive, but H pissed me off royally last night. I was playing my new Wii (the one that we bought for MY birthday, hence, MY BIRTHDAY PRESENT) and my dad called. So while I'm on the phone with my dad, H decides the best thing to do at that moment is use my Mii to play every single game involved, unlock medals, change my scores, etc. Even after I asked him NOT to. When I get back, EVERY single thing on Wii Sports is unlocked. Great. I guess I need to delete my Mii now so I can start everything over. Then I realized that I needed my checkbook for today, which has been MIA since I changed purses before I went to Cabo. So I'm walking around the house looking everywhere I can think to find it, and he gets mad at me and starts yelling. Nice. On my birthday. Gee thanks. This would be the second birthday that he yelled at me for no good reason. I don't give a flying fuck if I ovulate this month, which is good, because I see no sign of it whatsoever. Yay me. Cycle number three will probably be my 54 day cycle to just fuck me up.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Advanced Maternal Age

This is it - I am officially of "Advanced Maternal Age" and no sign of ovulating this month yet. I would laugh, but I'm too old. Ha! H decided he wants to wait. Or did he say he was ready? I can't remember, he changes his mind so often. In the meantime, my eggs are falling apart.

Funny though, I don't feel old, even though when my mother was my age, she had a 14 year old. I can't even imagine having to deal with a 14 year old at my current age, much less one as sullen as I was. I guess I should be thanking my mom for not drowning me a birth, or puberty for that matter.

Regardless, this old lady is infatuated with her new Wii (so much so, that her upper body is actually sore from tennis, boxing, baseball and golf...), and is also dying for a Wii Fit. Unfortunately, I have missed two alerts in the last 24 hours. For fuck's sake, at this rate, I will never get one! A sweet Diame offered to sell me the one she bought and wait until she could get another one, but how could I take her Wii Fit away from her? Really sweet gesture though - thanks D! Besides, my mommie gave me her credit card info so she could buy it for me without the hassle of trying to find it. Now I wait. In the meantime, the Wii is really kicking my ass. I actually can't play it unless I have time for a shower after. If I replace TV with Wii time, I'll probably drop som serious poundage.

The new boss started today (see previous post) - Good Times. I am waiting on a raise, which I have a feeling they are going to blow off. I guess I'm in the job market again. Poop. Oh and tonight I am going to Pizza Port with family and friends for birthday Pizza and Beer. Yum.