Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Advanced Maternal Age

This is it - I am officially of "Advanced Maternal Age" and no sign of ovulating this month yet. I would laugh, but I'm too old. Ha! H decided he wants to wait. Or did he say he was ready? I can't remember, he changes his mind so often. In the meantime, my eggs are falling apart.

Funny though, I don't feel old, even though when my mother was my age, she had a 14 year old. I can't even imagine having to deal with a 14 year old at my current age, much less one as sullen as I was. I guess I should be thanking my mom for not drowning me a birth, or puberty for that matter.

Regardless, this old lady is infatuated with her new Wii (so much so, that her upper body is actually sore from tennis, boxing, baseball and golf...), and is also dying for a Wii Fit. Unfortunately, I have missed two alerts in the last 24 hours. For fuck's sake, at this rate, I will never get one! A sweet Diame offered to sell me the one she bought and wait until she could get another one, but how could I take her Wii Fit away from her? Really sweet gesture though - thanks D! Besides, my mommie gave me her credit card info so she could buy it for me without the hassle of trying to find it. Now I wait. In the meantime, the Wii is really kicking my ass. I actually can't play it unless I have time for a shower after. If I replace TV with Wii time, I'll probably drop som serious poundage.

The new boss started today (see previous post) - Good Times. I am waiting on a raise, which I have a feeling they are going to blow off. I guess I'm in the job market again. Poop. Oh and tonight I am going to Pizza Port with family and friends for birthday Pizza and Beer. Yum.

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