Wednesday, July 2, 2008

H is a Jerk

Maybe I'm too sensitive, but H pissed me off royally last night. I was playing my new Wii (the one that we bought for MY birthday, hence, MY BIRTHDAY PRESENT) and my dad called. So while I'm on the phone with my dad, H decides the best thing to do at that moment is use my Mii to play every single game involved, unlock medals, change my scores, etc. Even after I asked him NOT to. When I get back, EVERY single thing on Wii Sports is unlocked. Great. I guess I need to delete my Mii now so I can start everything over. Then I realized that I needed my checkbook for today, which has been MIA since I changed purses before I went to Cabo. So I'm walking around the house looking everywhere I can think to find it, and he gets mad at me and starts yelling. Nice. On my birthday. Gee thanks. This would be the second birthday that he yelled at me for no good reason. I don't give a flying fuck if I ovulate this month, which is good, because I see no sign of it whatsoever. Yay me. Cycle number three will probably be my 54 day cycle to just fuck me up.

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