Thursday, July 24, 2008

It's time

To figure out how to get all the fat off my ass. Really. Between everything that I do physically, and the stuff I eat, I should be having some sort of success, but no. So, I gotta do something about this. Now. I am tired of the jelly belly.

Tactic #1: I need to be way more vigilant about calories in and calories out. I will soon be investing in either another Heart Rate Monitor, or a Bodybugg since my fabulous Garmin doesn't give me calories burned on indoor/stationary workouts.

Tactic #2: I need to make sure I am getting at least two days of good heavy weight training in so I minimize any muscle loss. I am still trying to get that 30 day shred video, maybe that will be my thing.

Tactic #3 Ensure that I figure out what I am eating the night before. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Tactic #4 Bought some sugar-free gum that I hope will help with the cravings. Just got to keep my wits about me and recognize when I need to pop the crap into my mouth.

Tactic #5 I need to stay out of the booze, not just for my weight but also for the whole TTC and charting thing. Drunken moments have a negative effect on my chart.

Tactic #6 I think I am going to see my doctor about Metformin (a drug she mentioned during my last visit) that will help me with my blood sugar issues. Of course, not until I do some internet research first.

Is that enough tactics yet? I need this pooch gone.

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