Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I GOT IT! I randomly called the store where we bought our Wii game console to see if they randomly received a Wii Fit. They DID!!! OMG I was so excited, you have no idea. H went to pick it up, and of course as soon as I got home, it was ON baby! I got 77 minutes of game play, but some of that is H who I had to kick off after a while. Now, the Wii Fit did make my mii fatter (Ju ur Fat!) and my Wii Fit age is 45. That better go down tonight!

I did skip my two mile run to play Wii, but I promise to make that up tonight before busting out the balance board again. It will only take me 25 minutes or so to run that! Hopefully, weighing in every day will make me a more conscious eater too. One can hope!

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