Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Gym Dilemma

I am posting this everywhere because I am lost and need input. I need a gym mmebership - I had so many issues with LA Fitness, so I quit. Almost a month ago. I can't be without a gym for much longer, so I have been looking at a 24 Hour memberships but have not yet made a move. Was considering a three pre-paid membership because it's so darn reasonable when divided over 36 months! But I haven't done it yet. So, good things come to those who wait? Today's special deal is $100 off (yesterday it was only $50!) - so now I could get three years for $599 and $149/yr renewal. There is another deal too though - $699 for three years, $99/yr renewals and it includes 4 personal training sessions. I already know how I feel about the PT there (and know first hand the horrors they inflict upon others), but if I can be committed for five years total, it's a wash without the PT and a pretty good deal. And then of course, they have a $999 package for three years, TEN PT sessions and $79 yr renewals. Alas, I am a victim of sales and marketing. Any thoughts?? UGH I hate the decisions, but I need to do this. Or maybe the next deal will be even sweeter? Ack!

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