Friday, September 5, 2008

My Big Fat Redneck White Trash Weekend

It's my favorite thing to do on a Labor Day Weekend - head up to Bishop, CA for the Annual Tri County Fair. Aside from last year (couldn't make it because of the wedding), I have gone every year since 2001, so this was my 7th. I'm still a newbie. This was only H's 4th, but he might be more in love with the fair than I am. Thank goodness one of my closest friends John still lives there and will put us up (including the dogs - he is AWESOME). First thing we do - Get greasy Chinese food!

Next, we grab our Corndogs and Coors Light. Amazing, the best $2 corndogs you will ever find, freshly made, and $4.25 Beers. That price has actually gone up a lot.

Time to watch some tractor pulls - so very redneck and rural - there is nothing like it...

After the tractor pulls, H tried to win me something at the carnival...

And this is what he won. The carnie called it a "husband wand" like I could wave it and make H do my bidding. Not likely! But I kept it just to annoy him. You notice we have not yet slowed down on the beer.

The next morning, we made the short drive up the grade to Rock Creek Cafe for PIE. Best pie ever.

And then we took a walk down to Rock Creek Lake,

And Rock Creek proper.

Came back to John's and took a nap so we would have strength for Sushi...

followed by Rodeo and Ice Cream. I loved the spelling of "waffer" and "suger"

And then of course my butter pecan ice cream. I am getting fat this weekend. Either that or giving me a heart attack, although that wild salmon might help my heart a little? I sure hope so!

The next day we trekked up another hill to Bishop Creek Lodge. The wind was blowing... Nani's ears were flying. Nani the flying nun pup.

Bishop Creek Lodge...

Home of the best freaking onion rings ever,

And a pretty darn good bloody mary!

H had a bottle of beer too (and I thought I was being bad!) Actually, the alcohol might be what caused me to drop my camera and H to run it over. Don't worry, it still works, although I don't know how :/

Couldn't stay too long up there - it was time for the Final Night Event - DESTRUCTION DERBY!

I sure do love me some tri county fair! Overall, we were all pretty mild - I didn't have a single hangover, and we didn't even finish the Crystal Geyser bottle of schnapps??? It must have been because I was sick and no fun. Or maybe it was because they would only sell two beers per person for the first time ever. But I can't wait for next year. Whooooooo!


  1. XO Rednecks XO
    XOXO Redneck food XOXO

  2. Now I want corndogs and onion rings. :)

    LOL at dogs with Flying Nun ears. So cute!

    Boo on the 2-beer rule!


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