Monday, October 27, 2008


Was fun! The whole thing was put together by WeeMo at a Karaoke Club in LA. I was a bit nervous to meet so many new nesties at one time, but it was fine, probably because I didn't have to meet all of them - there was a big table in the way! I offered to be designated driver for my OC gals, but my car is microscopic, especially the back seat, so I ended up not having to actually drive. I offered the designated part, but I know how weird I am about other people driving my car. At least I offered, right?

We left really early so we could pick up some more OC girls, and then go to a yummy dinner at Luna Park before the festivities. Luna Park was previously recommended by WeeMo, goddess of food, and the girls were excited to be going again. The place is kitchy and fun, and I am already looking forward to going back. I pretty much left my camera in my purse for dinner, aside from this awesome drink, called "Be a Pepper" - a generous serving of vanilla rum, Doctor Pepper, and vanilla syrup, and also served with Dr. Pepper flavored jelly beans.

The presentation was fun, and it was was enough for two drinks and was super yummy! I was also in heaven when my Magic Mushroom pizza came - wild mushrooms and brie cheese, drizzled with truffled creme fraiche, and topped with fresh arugula. To die for. We all shared dessert, which was a make-your-own-s'mores setup - homemade graham crackers, bittersweet chocolate fondue and a little ramekin of baked marshmallows. Heaven.

Then we were off to Karaoke. I am a Karaoke queen, but I am used to doing it in a bar where I am the only one signing so I can insert my own off color lyrics. Of course, I am also used to getting escorted out shortly afterwards, so maybe this was a good thing. For anyone who has never been to a Karaoke room like this, you can pretty much hear everyone who is singing - the three microphones might give you voice a slight amplification, but not much, And maybe that's a good thing. God knows I sucking down the apple martinis like they were going out of style!

Anyway, it was fun seeing all these people you feel like you know, but don't really know, you know what I mean? And of course the people I didn't actually meet, but got to observe IRL. It gives you a whole new persepctive on people when you see them post on a

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