Saturday, November 15, 2008

Blackhawk Down

My Toyota Tercel Special Edition. I bought you when I graduated college. I have driven you for well over 11 years and 206,000 miles, until something in your engine went kerplunk, and you started making that sick noise.

I am about to sell you to a salvager, for $250 cash, and they will tow you away for free. I feel a lot guilty. You gave me all the good years of your life. Now I feel like I should have just spent the cash to give you a new engine, but then again, you were burning about a quart of oil a week. And your wheel bearing was going out as well. Not to mention your cracked windshield.

I feel a little like I betrayed you - bought that shiny new Mazda after you sat immobile in your space all week, collecting dust and bird poo. I really do wish you still worked... the thought of having to worry about door dings and the health of my paint is a little frightening. I know how people treat other people's cars. But, you don't work. At least not well enough to make it to work and back.

The salvager should be here soon to take you away. I am a little embarassed to say I will probably cry. I am sorry for ever being embarassed of you. I am sorry I didn't wash you often as often as I should have. I am mostly sorry I didn't appreciate you enough when you were still healthy and somewhat happy. I hope they at least recycle you, so you don't end up in a landfill.

Good bye Blackhawk. I will miss you more than you know.

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  1. I totally hear a Willie Nelson background song as I read this post :-)


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