Saturday, November 1, 2008

I love halloween

Really sad because the kid traffic gets lighter and lighter every year. We got way fewer kids than last year, and H was so certain that we would be inundated with children. I suppose one day we won't be able to manage this amount of effort or even be able to stay home because we will hopefully be out with our munchkin giving important life lessons on how to beg for candy from strangers.

But, this is now, so we in usual style carved an obscene number of Jack O'Lanterns (although fewer than normal, believe it or not - the economy and the cost of pumpkins really put a damper on our Halloween spirit!)

And donned our scary costumes...

I love my severed head (a gift from my Halloween loving mommie)

Then we cranked up the scary music, turned off all incandescent light, and waited for the bravest of the brave...

It's funny - the under 4 crowd wasn't phased at all. They were thrilled with the candy and waved to us when leaving. Some of them even want to hang out with us for the evening it seemed. The 4-7 range was hesitant, and then almost everyone 8+ was either too scared to come get thier treats, or too stoned to really notice we were scary. Good times. There was one kid with a bad case of bong-chitis who didn't even have a bag. He was eating the candy as he collected it. Munchies anyone? I love our neighborhood teens. At least they didn't egg my car. Maybe they spared me because we were willing to give them candy even when they are a bit old to go trick-or-treating?

All in all it was a good night, even though we were really dissapointed about the lack of children to scare, and then of course reward for their bravery. At least I got to watch some scary movies after the trick-or-treating. Another Halloween come and gone... although Dia de los Muertos is still tomorrow! I hope my white chocolate Catrinas will last until tomorrow... a certain member of my household keeps eating them!

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