Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thought I would take this moment...

To say I'm not totally bitter. Yes, I'm sure I appear that way to some, but that's just an illusion. I am VERY happy for the non-douchey people to get pregnant! Truly! I swear! Now, what do I consider douchey?

1. Anyone who gets pregnant when they can't be bothered to take care of the child they aready have

2. Anyone who gets pregnant and cannot be bothered to take care of themselves and their unborn fetus, or at least avoid the things you aren't supposed to have/do

3. Anyone who tells me I can't get pregnant because I am bitter

4. Anyone who tells me to relax and "it will happen"

I think that pretty much covers it. Everyone else I can be happy for. And will probably taunt with my wine, soft cheeses, rollercoaster riding, and other non-pregnancy friendly things, but you have to expect that. I never said I was gracious!


  1. I can't believe people would say #3 WTF??

  2. LOL Those are the people who can't deal with my response to their original doucheyness. Usually online. You can't have a thin skin and be on an internet chat board!

  3. I'm with Joy what a bunch of fuckers and they'll get their karma don't you worry.

    Much love to you babe ;)

    I won't say "It will happen" for fear of being called douchey so I'll say I'm rooting for you love.

    In the mean time let's toast with a big ol glass of wine to the future.

    With or without a baby.

    [clink] to you my dear!

  4. Shaking my fist on your behalf at people who say stuff like #3. Idiots.


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