Wednesday, January 14, 2009

First Out of the Box Organizing Experiment

Jewelry. I have a ton of costume jewelry, and very non-user friendly ways of organizing it. My necklaces are all tangled together, and I never remember to wear any jewelry (other than my wedding set). So I read about a ribbon on the wall display, and figured I would give it a shot. I went to Target and got ribbon (on sale for $1.99!) silver clips ($2.29) and pretty pushpins ($1.29). So I only spent about five bucks, and I have leftovers!

I hung strips of the ribbon on the wall with the pushpins, and then used the binder clips to attach the jewelry to the ribbon. I pinned the brooches to the loose ends of the ribbon. Cuffs and rings went into a smaller jewelry box.

Here is the finished project.

H was not impressed though. He asked me if I needed a jewelry box as he eyed the display suspiciously. ::face palm:: And of course.... I forgot to grab a piece of jewelry this morning. Gah! Anyway, H is determined to find me a jewelry box for all my different shaped stuff. I think it might be easier to just get rid of the jewelry.


  1. Super cute and creative. I struggle with the same frustrating

  2. Is it mean if I say that I have the same opinion as your H?

  3. Hmmm....I'm with A on this one. *insert wilted flower here*


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