Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The internet does not always equal forever

I know people say that's once it's on the internet, it's there forever, so be careful what you put on it. Well, not so. A long time friend of mine recently reminded me that before "blogs" were even called blogs, I had a website where I posted random rants and musings. I googled for it, and even found a remote reference to it, but lo and behold, the actual site no longer exists. I can't remember why I stopped my ranting in the first place, but now I am sad that I never saved any of them. Well, they may actually be saved, but I would need to boot up a couple of outdated and almost dead computers to find them.

So sad. Mostly because I used to be really funny and interesting, and while I am trying to channel that side of me again, I no longer feel funny and interesting.



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