Thursday, January 29, 2009

SIL is pregnant

Just like she thought she was at H's birthday party.

Of course she is. Anyone have any ideas on the silver lining in this %$#%^$&%$% cloud?

Gotta think positive.... Hmmm.... the good part of this is that she will get fat?


  1. I've taken my advice from a friends 25 random list from facebook
    "While I was jealous that my sister had a baby before me, I'm now glad. I now know what kind of baby shower I want, what baby items not to buy, and how not to screw my kid up. JUST KIDDING (on the last one)! But I am glad to be an aunt"

  2. *chanting*

    Fat! Fat! Fat!

    Silver lining: she can fuck up her kid and you can learn from her mistakes.

    You are welcome.



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