Sunday, February 22, 2009

I suck at food blogging

H and I went to eat at The Break of Dawn today, and it was TDF. I also didn't have my camera ::shaking fist::

I would love to take WeezerMonkey here - I'm sure she would do a MUCH better job and do this intimate and creative restaurant justice.

But, for now, I will have to suffice, photo-less and all.

The menu is creative and unusual - not the typical fare for a breakfast/lunch cafe.

To drink, I got the green tea - loose leaf tea brewed in my own pot - and H got the tropical iced tea. Next time I am so getting the Asian Mary. Or maybe the Blood Orange Mojito - I just wasn't drinking today (RE's orders)

I chose the Casserole - a stew of potatoes, vegetables, sauteed onions, and tomatoes with the flavors of lime and ginger, a braised egg, mozzarella and a piece of grilled bread to help soak up every drop. The egg was perfectly cooked, with the yolk still a bit runny, and the favors were amazing, reminiscent of an Italian stew but with a twist.

H got the Vietnamese Style Sandwich with sesame chicken. The chicken was a nice balance between sweet and savory and very tender. It was served with a pickled slaw of onion, cabbage and carrots and the house dressing.

We finished the meal with the house-made crystallized ginger ice cream. It was served in a small canning jar and two small spoons. The ice cream was silky, sweet, and delicately spiced, and there were small chunks of crystallized ginger throughout adding an extra bit of heat and flavor.

I am already dying to go back. And next time I might remember my camera.

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