Tuesday, February 10, 2009

RE Appt #2 = FAIL

So I get up bright and early so I can go to my RE appointment this morning. I get there 10 minutes early, sign in and grab a magazine. 40 minutes and two magazines later, they call me and tell me my appointment was yesterday and that they left me a message on my cell phone. Ummmm, I checked my cell all day yesterday, and had messages, but none from you. Nor were there any messages at work or home, and they have both of those numbers.

So she asks me when I can come back - this afternoon at 4:00? No, I have meetings. How about tomorrow at 4:00? I say yes, because I am going to HH tomorrow evening and was kind of excited to maybe get there early rather than late because of my normal work schedule. So I am ready to walk out, and she says okay, do you need me to write it down for you? So I say no, I got it, tomorrow at 4:00, and she says no, Thursday at 4:00. Ummm you said TOMORROW. WTF?

I wouldn't put it past myself to get the day mixed up for today's supposed appointment, but when talking about rescheduling, I know she said tomorrow. I am also suspicious because there was so voice mail, no missed call from a random number, nor a garbled message I couldn't understand. No evidence of a voice mail whatsoever. Plus, when I originally made the appointment, it was for Feb 3, and then called me the next day to push it back a week because they screwed up.

I am so over it. I'm extremely angry and on the verge of tears at the same time. It's hard enough for me to get out of work for doctor's appointments, and now I have to go two days in one week. PLUS they let me sit there for fucking 40 minutes before saying anything. WTF? Is this shit worth it? I am really tempted to call and cancel, but then what? I hate fucking doctors and doctor's offices.

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  1. How frustrating : /
    I am sorry you are dealing with that.


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