Friday, February 27, 2009

Three weeks on WW

Last night was my third weigh in with WW (this time around at least):

Previous Weight: 177.8
Current Weight: 177.6
Lost this week: 0.2
Total lost: 1.8

This was not a good week, and to be perfectly honest, I am THRILLED to have lost anything at all. As if WW could read minds, this week's theme in my materials is Habits of Successful Members. The one I need the most help with is managing my feelings. This week, with its ups and downs, proved it. I swear, I only eat healthy when I am mediocre, because if I'm happy, I eat, and if I'm sad, I eat. FFS! I also know from watching the Biggest Loser is that the people who don't actually figure out why they overeat and how to manage the reason, end up gaining all the weight back and then some. I don't want this.

A few of us talked about it before the meeting started last night. It's almost like there is a switch in my brain where I no longer care. I don't feel guilty as far as I can tell, I just no longer care. The comfort of food, the pleasure of food - it's all the same. I mentioned this to my fellow meeting goers and they understood.

So I am going to try to manage my feelings this week, as well as continue to track. Even if I don't know the points, I am going to write it down. I cannot let myself get overwhelmed with everything else going on in my life and give up what I want, which is a healthy weight and lifestyle.

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  1. I am glad you were able recognize that. Best of luck!


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