Thursday, February 12, 2009

WW - 2nd Weigh in

I was a bit doubtful. I don't feel lighter. And I am trying not to freak out about what I wear. So I wore jeans. I figured if I even weigh the same in jeans, I must be doing okay. I think jeans are heavier than most other clothes, right? Anyway...

Current Weight: 178.2
Pounds lost: 1.2 (better than nothing!!!)
Total Pounds lost: 1.2


  1. From a person that has been on the weight loss journey for a while now.. I got to tell you that losing 1.2lbs is wonderful. Of course we wish it was more but just know that YOU DIDN'T GAIN WEIGHT OVERNIGHT; YOU WON'T LOSE IT OVERNIGHT!
    It's a process.. congratulations nonetheless..


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