Friday, March 6, 2009


Short for Follicle Stimulating Hormone. Should be low early in the cycle, and on my cycle day 4, it was 6.4 which is apparently good. Under 6 is excellent, 6 to 9 is good. It was also on day 4 (not 3) so maybe my levels are even better? Doesn't matter.

I have my HSG on Wednesday, March 11. Last big test. Not sure when I am going to go over the results with the doc - it's really hard to get out of work. :-/ Not that it matters much. All I can do is hope H's lifestyle changes have an amazing effect.

Which brings me to my next issue. WTF H? In one week, you have only taken your vitamins two days. I swallow a small pharmacy every single day, and that is nothing compared to the crap these fertility treatments/tests require. If I can make myself sick on supplements, have my cervix clamped shut so that the dye only has one way to go, and be willing to give myself shots, then you should be willing to take your stupid vitamins.

Here is what I took today:

Extra Folic Acid
Green Tea for cervical mucus
Wheat grass for cervical mucus
Evening primrose oil for cervical mucus
Purified fish oil for cervical mucus
Acidophilus for immunity

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  1. Oh I totally feel your pain. I take too many vitamins too! I think last time I counted it was around 18 pills and a scoop of some powder wheatgrass. I hate taking them!


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