Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Was painless. I didn't even feel pressure. The worst part was holding the position while the doc put in the catheter, and of course the speculum. So, all you people who said it's "worse than childbirth" can suck it.

Anyway, tubes are clear. I was so sure that after all the years on the pill, my age, and never once in my life having a pregnancy scare, that it was me. I am checking out fine. Ironical as Stephen Lynch would say. I also think it's funny that H and all this friend's "theories" about infertility are totally disproved. Stress and BCP's at a young age and all that mumbo jumbo. I also think it's funny that H's mom is so adamant against anyone using a doctor to check into why they can't get pregnant, and it is her son that is the issue. That seems harsh, but if we never went to an RE, we would never have figured it out! Douche.

Now let's just hope H and his lifestyle changes work!!

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