Thursday, March 19, 2009


Previous Weight: 177.4
Current Weight: 173.0
Lost this week: -4.4!!!!
Total lost: 6.4!!!

Can you tell how flipping excited I am? The things I did this week which were different than any other week:

1. I was sick so I didn't work out at all
2. I ate almost all my WP's but no AP's (because I didn't earn them :oP)
3. I ate a ton of fruit for snacks

I have a couple of challenging weeks ahead of me. This weekend I have a Lunch, a Dinner AND a Brunch out. And the following weekend I am going to visit family so will be out of my comfort zone and probably eating out. A LOT.

But I only have 2.6 more pounds before I get to my 10%, and according to my bathroom scale, in the morning when I am nekkid, I weight 169, which is one of the lowest weights I have seen in years! Wheeee!


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