Friday, March 6, 2009

WW Weigh in, week four

Previous Weight: 177.6
Current Weight: 176.4
Lost this week: 1.2
Total lost: 3.0

Four weeks on ww. This was a good week - I stayed within my points, and I worked out. A LOT. I'm not sure I should be eating more, but I was a little disappointed in 1.2 - I had 14 weekly points left and earned 30 activity points, which I did not use.

One issue I have with the current program, or at least how the online tracker uses points. In the past I always used my AP's the day I earned them, so it encouraged me to eat more on days I worked out. But the new program has you use your weekly points first. I wonder if that is slowing my metabolism by not consciously eating more on workout days. I mean, if I could have eaten another 44 points this week and still stayed on the program, wouldn't that mean I should have lost at least another half a pound? Weight loss is so freaking weird.

I am just trying to stay with the program now. I am going to try and eat more on the days I work out. And I have to keep telling myself that slow and steady wins the race. If I can lose a pound a week, then I only have another two weeks until 5 pounds.

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