Friday, April 10, 2009

Earth and Ocean (Seattle part 4)

My last day in Seattle. I was sad. Not just because I was leaving my parents, but also because I really love it there so much.

Ferry dock in Kingston, waiting for the ferry to come

We drove through town, the U District, Queen Anne Hill, and more, but the big highlight of the day was to try Earth and Ocean, one of the restaurants participating in Dine Around Seattle. I found this because my friend WeezerMonkey blogged about it not too long ago!

Earth and Ocean is actually connected to the W Hotel. Not that it makes a difference to me either way, but I couldn't help but notice. We actually chose Earth and Ocean mostly because they were one of the few restaurants doing a wine pairing with the $15 prix fixe lunch!

The first course came with the Badger Mountain Chardonnay (Columbia Valley, WA). It was lighter with a bit of acidity and just a touch of oak (if my memory serves - it has been two weeks!)

My husband ordered a Stella

I had a chestnut soup with crispy pancetta, but my photo was blurry. :( It was interesting - slightly sweet but under seasoned. The pancetta didn't add enough to it for my taste. My parents both ordered the dungeness crab fritter with olives, avocado mousse and a bacon vinaigrette, but also felt it was under seasoned. Also, the avocado mouse was weird - I prefer my avocado solid, thank you very much.

H bucked the trend of the prix fixe menu, and ordered the organic greens salad with pickled cauliflower and a lemon cracker ($8). The pickled cauliflower made this salad - not too much vinegar and a lovely mustard flavor.

The entree course came with Firesteed Pinot Noir (Willamette Valley, OR). It was a good solid Pinot with some smokiness and a smooth finish.

I had the Eggplant-Goat Cheese Parcel, Spicy Tomato Mint Sauce, Laccino Olives, Basil Oil. It was very good with plenty of flavor.

My mom had the Fresh Stringozzi, Lamb Ragu, Grana Padano. Such an interesting combination of Chinese Five Spice and italian hard cheese! It was lovely though. The pasta was cooked perfectly, al dente and a little bit chewy.

My dad had the Black Forest Ham and Chicken Schnitzle Sandwich, Dill, Red Onion, Frisee, on sourdough. I didn't make him share, but he enjoyed it thoroughly.

And H, once again bucking the trend, ordered the grilled lamb sausage sandwich, mama lil’s peppers, warm potato salad ($15). I only made him share his warm potato salad which was good, and had more mustard seed as well as pearl onions.

Those of us who got the pre fixe menu also got dessert! No wine pairing for dessert at lunch (BOO!) but I had the Fennel Upside Down Cake, Prune Gelato, Spiced Tuile. The cake was delicious and moist with a delicate flavor and the prune gelato complimented it perfectly.

My parents both got the Carnaroli Rice Pudding, Meyer Lemon Sfinge, with Cardamom Sugar. This was amazing. The rice was cooked perfectly and spiced perfectly, and the candied Meyer lemon stole the show. YUM! This made me want to candy lemons at home. Seriously.

Even though the starters were a little substandard, it was a good lunch and the price was right.

But, if you are visiting Seattle, I would actually recommend just grazing Pike's Place Market instead of going out to lunch. Why? Because after this meal, I was full... and yet I wanted Piroshky Piroshky and Beecher's Mac and Cheese. We also wanted to go to Matt's at the Market, but I hesitate to even go there next time so I don't miss out on the yummies of Pike's Place!

Bye Seattle. I will miss you! Maybe someday I could call you home!


  1. Yay for $15 prix fixe! Nice food photos.

  2. great pictures! and good job staying on track with the ww!


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