Friday, April 10, 2009

Hansville (Seattle part 3)

I promise someday I will be caught up on my blogging. Two weeks later and I am still trying to get my Seattle trip finished. ::sigh::

My parents are lucky to live in a suburb of Seattle which is only about an hour away, but feels like the middle of nowhere (in a good way). They have 10 acres and a gorgeous view and access to forested trails and beautiful beaches. This is what Hansville is all about. If you ask most people in Seattle where Hansville is, they probably would not know. If you tell them it's about 15 minutes north of Kingston, they might know. Otherwise you have to say it's at the very north end of the Kitsap Penninsula.

This is the view from their porch:

And the trails on the Hansville Greenway that borders their property:

Buck Lake - there is a boat ramp and a swimming area, and it is adjacent to a park complete with picnic benches and grills for outdoor summer cooking.

Next we took a trip to the beach

We took a walk up these steps

To get better views of the Puget Sound

And the Point No Point Lighthouse

And hiked back to the car (can you see Seattle in the distance?)

On the way we saw this fuzzy little caterpillar

And a close up of the Point No Point lighthouse


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