Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I figured out why I hate my job

I feel completely used up. I once loved my job. But when five different people are constantly asking for reports that never match up with what they have, when they constantly fudge numbers and expect me to know what they are doing, when the projects change on a daily basis, and the workload increases every week, I get tired. Just being at work is physically exhausting. I'm salaried and there is no comp time, so all the OT I put in doesn't benefit me in any way. We aren't allowed to expense anything now, so I don't get reimbursed for the driving I do and the things I purchase. And the measly 5 holidays a year aren't enough to refresh me. In fact, I am constantly draining my vacation to zero because I want to take an extra day off here or there. Maybe I wouldn't need those days if I didn't work 50% of the weekends in a year, and an average of two late nights a week, plus all the holidays most people take for granted.

Yeah, I'm whining, I should be thankful I have a job, yada yada yada. Whatever. Even the extra hours and lack of time off would be bearable IF I didn't have to work with a bunch of people that can't communicate and figure out WTF they need me to do? Everyone has a different opinion on how things should be done, but have no explanations why the interdepartmental communication is so broken. Hell, what and how they want me to do things changes daily. And of course, about 30% of what they want or need me to do isn't communicated at all until it's not done "right". Seriously, what am I supposed to do? I am not a mind reader. I don't have time for this shit to begin with now that I have 400% more work than I did last summer, and my workload has doubled in the last week. And trying to explain reasonably simple things to people who have more power and make more money is fucking exhausting. Especially when they never understand it. It makes me wonder how they got their job in the first place.

I have a pile of crap I am supposed to be doing, and it makes me just tired. I'm over it. I'm exhausted. I can't even face another second of it. Maybe lightning will strike my building so I can go home and relax for one afternoon. Please?


  1. I really really feel for you. Your job sounds shitastic for real. You poor thing. I hope things turn around for you soon my friend. Chin up.

  2. I hope lightning strikes just far enough to cause damage for evacuation but not close enough to harm you. ;)

  3. i hope things get better soon for you. i was reading your blog entry and all i could think about was "office space" -- please tell me you've seen this movie.

  4. Oh hell yeah, I lurve Office Space!

  5. H+P!

    ...and dont forget, one of the perks of having a pg friend is you always have a dd if you need one. ;-)


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