Monday, April 13, 2009

I have an issue

with food in a social setting. I realize a lot of people have this issue, but if I am going to get past this plateau of mine, I'm going to have to figure this out. I also seem to have issues saying no to people more than once. I say no (I always say no the first time!) and then they push harder, and I give in. I think it's some inherent need to please combined with my weakness for high fat yummy food. Plus the fact that I get depressed and turn to food and alcohol to make myself feel better. The whole time I am inhaling these things that are NOT on the WW plan, I think "Stop! Spit it out! Throw the rest of it away!" but I don't listen.

I sure hope the first step is acknowledgment, because that might mean I am one step closer to beating this issue I have.


  1. I hate having this issue too, it sucks =(

  2. I must have issues too bc I am your enabler. :-/

  3. I've always associated food with celebrating/fun/bonding. Also, in my family, it was almost an insult to say no to someone offering you food, you know?

    Of course this is the same family that told me I'm gaining weight when I saw them in MI last. Yes, the 6 months pregnant woman is gaining weight and they felt the need to tell me that.


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