Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Makeup Reviews

CVS was having a BOGO sales on Maybelline cosmetics, I had coupons and also Bonus Bucks! So I gave their Dream Liquid™ Mousse

and XXL Extensions™ XX-TREME LENGTH Microfiber Mascara

a try.

The Dream Liquid Mousse foundation wasn't bad! It blended well and felt lighter than the Dream Matte Mousse makeup (which I hated - it felt thick and heavy and didn't blend well at all). After 8 hours of work the finish was a little shiny, but not horrible, nor did it collect in my pores or cake up which is a huge plus for me! B+

The XXL Extensions™ XX-TREME LENGTH Microfiber Mascara was interesting. I have used mascara with a base coat before, but the base coat usually makes your lashes look clumpy and impossibly thick. My lashes actually stayed at a reasonable thickness and the length was great. I almost felt like I had false lashes on - not the crappy ones in strips, but the awesome individual ones. The best part is that my eyelashes feel pretty natural - soft, not stiff or sticky. They do flake a small amount, but not so much that anyone but me noticed. No bits of mascara under my eyes or anything. A-

And they were a bargain. The mascara was $9.95 - 50% - $1.00 coupon. Final price = $3.98. The foundation was $9.95 - 50% - $3.00 coupon. Final price = $1.97!!

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  1. I'm a mascara junkie ... I think I'll be checking out the XXL.


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