Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Margarita happiness and HH awesomeness

Last week was Happy Hour Week in the OC, and I had a busy week at work so I had no time to participate. That is, until the weekend came! Fortunately for me many of the locations were still doing Happy Hour all day on SATURDAY! So Saturday afternoon, H and I made our way to Laguna Beach's El Callejon!

I had no idea what or where El Callejon was, but H had seen it before and knew it was in the old Javier's location. Thank goodness, because if it wasn't for his persistence, I would have never enjoyed the wonder that is El Callejon.

The margaritas are the SHIT, people. I haven't had a Margarita this good since we were in Cabo last year. Lime juice and tequila - that's all you need. Traditional, the way it should be! I don't like the Margaritas too sweet though, so if you like that syrupy mix, go elsewhere. And they were $3.75 each. Yes, you read that right.

We also tried some of their food offerings (the ones on the HH menu in the cantina, and yes, if I were a good food blogger I would have had my camera and have taken pictures. But I'm not, so I didn't.

The salsa was delicious, and they served both a fresh red salsa as well as salsa verde. The Al Pastor Tacos were nice and spicy with great flavor and served with pineapple - YUM. They also came in chicken as well as pork. I only tried the pork, but I'm sure the chicken was good too. Those were $1.25 each. We also tried the Red Snapper Ceviche - delicious and rich, served with the traditional saltines, but was even better on the Tortilla chips. H got a shrimp cocktail as well - flavors were good but I have an aversion to shrimp so I only tried a couple bites.

We sucked down many margaritas (five, maybe six between us?), ate our weight in chips, salsa, Al Pastor tacos, and Mariscos, and our bill was like $36. Of course, now that Happy Hour week is over, the prices are now up, and to get the HH pricing, you have to be there between 3:00 and 6:00 pm, Monday - Friday. So I either get a new job, or I can't go for HH again until I call in sick. We did look at their dinner menu as well, and it looked REALLY good. I can't wait to go there again!

Of course, I also kinda blew the diet that day. ::cries:: As of Monday I was negative 21 points, which means to stay on track with Weight Watchers, I would have burn 2100 calories through exercise before the end of day on Wednesday. Well, so far I have burned 1100, so only 1000 more to go! LOL I am going for a run tonight, so I hope to have done this, and I am also hoping for at least another pound of weight loss to I will hit my 5% weight loss goal on Thursday!


  1. I love margaritas.... now I want to have one (or two) badly... thanks. And for that price? I think I would get in trouble lol
    Enjoy your run =)

  2. I'll have to put it on my list of places to try!

    oh, and as for 1000 calories, isnt that only 10 miles or so? You can do that no problem! ;-) (oh, and I'm only half joking hehe)

  3. But...but...you have a rad camera now! No excuse for no pics!

  4. Those margs sound worth every minute of it.
    Sometimes, you just need to indulge!


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