Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Olympic Penninsula (Seattle Day 2)

Ahhh... its always nice to wake up on vacation! We had a day of sightseeing ahead of us and we weren't about to let a little rainy weather stop us! First we assessed the previous night's damage

And made breakfast consisting of slab bacon

Fresh eggs from my mum's chickens

And waffles with fresh raspberries and blueberries as well as the Tayberry jam we picked up the day before

And we were off! Before heading across the Hood Canal Bridge we stopped off in Port Gamble

And then on to Port Townsend. We drove all the way to the tip of the point to check out the light house and adjoining beaches

And this was my attempt at an artistic photo

On the way back into town, we saw some deer!

We didn't really hang out in the downtown area - we were more interested in tasting some alcoholic beverages, but I did get a couple pictures

Yet another lighthouse - that Strait of Juan de Fuca was treacherous

And stopped at the Port Townsend Brewery, grabbed some pints

And a tasting tray

And went to work

Next we stopped at Eaglemount Winery and Cidery. My dad is way into hard cider and wanted to check them out.

They had a humble and down to earth tasting room

Jim was friendly and helpful and open and poured us some generous tastes. The wine was okay, but the cider was nice and dry, not too sweet! We tried the Ginger Cider and the Semisweet Cider.

And took us on a tour of their pressing room and wine cellar

After we left Eaglemount, we passed Fat Smitty's and I couldn't resist the photo.

And while we drove a little further along the penninsula, we stopped at 7 Cedars Casino to check out their gift shop chock full of beautiful S'Klallam Tribal art. Their casino had great art as well. I don't know if all Native American casinos as like this, as this one was my first, but it was awesome.


  1. Very cool! I can't believe all that alcohol and food. Yowsers, I'm dizzy!

  2. these pictures are amazing! i want to go to seattle!


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