Thursday, April 2, 2009

Seattle and Salumi (Seattle Part 1)

Seattle is a great city, and has some pretty awesome suburbs. In fact, my parents live in a Seattle Suburb, only their suburb is located across the Puget Sound. The best, shortest and most enjoyable method to get to downtown Seattle is Via the Washington State Ferries.

Ferry pulling into Bainbridge Island:

View of the city when we start out:

View of city as we arrive in Seattle:

Our first stop was Salumi:

Salumi is extremely popular. It is owned and operated by Mario Batali's family, was on "No Reservations" with Anthony Bourdain, and rightfully so. The bread is to die for. The cured meats are amazing. The garlic pesto spread they place on each sandwich is incredible. I got the grilled eggplant sandwich with fresh mozzarella on the dense Olive Oil Bread and H got the Hot Sopressata with Blue Cheese on the dense Olive oil bread. I only got a quick pic of his, because I was too busy eating instead of snapping pictures.

Salumi is a very small hole in the wall - they only have two larger family style tables, and the only way out is the way in - with the line. Ordering is an experience reminiscent of the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld. You better know what you want, don't take a lot of time, get it together or get out.

This is a testament to how crowded it is - the line is like this all day long, and considering how small it is, it is better to get there really early (like us) or call in your to go order early.

We took a short walk to Smith Tower and Pioneer square after lunch, and saw this on our way:

Such a great little hidden gem! How many cities have waterfalls in their downtown area?

Smith Tower - better view than even the space needle, and I was all jazzed to see the Chinese Room!

And then they told me that the weekday tours didn't start until April 1. FAIL.

Bust of Chief Seattle in Pioneer Square:

Native American Art:

Memorial for SFD heroes:

One of the interesting thing about Seattle is the underground parts. Much of the streets in the Downtown areas have glass in the sidewalks and on dark dreary days, the ground glows up through those glass pieces:

And maybe the prettiest manhole cover I have ever seen:

Now it was time to do our shopping!

First we went to Beecher's Cheese and picked up a Flagship, Smoked Flagship and Smokey Blue. YUM. They also happen to have the yummiest mac and cheese ever, and the smell in there is DIVINE.

Then we picked up some Tayberry, Raspberry and Habanero Blackberry jams.

The we picked up some halibut steaks for dinner - First Halibut of the season!

Last we picked up some broccoli rabe and a splurge - a small fresh black truffle!

While we were there, I couldn't resist stopping by Jack's Fish and Chips. H got a shrimp cocktail for $2.95 and I split some cod fish and chips with my mom for $5.95. The fish was good, cripsy and hot. The fries were not crispy, but still tasty.

And while we were in the city, we also had to stop at Uwajimaya for barbecue pork:

And they had Beard Papa's ::drool::

This was my mom's first Beard Papa. Green tea. So. Good.

And we got a bag of hot chestnuts when we left as a snack on the ride home:

Back on the ferry to go home:

Pulling into the ferry dock at Bainbridge - nice homes!

And one last stop on our way - the Penninsula shopping destination - Central Market! This is where we got the wine, beer, and butter. Ha!


  1. I just gained 3 pounds reading that. Those sandwiches sound amazing. Holey. I've never had fish and chips like that, nor have I ever been to Seattle. I hope to do both one day. I'm glad you got away, you deserve and needed it!

  2. Thanks for the virtual tour, looks like a great trip!


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