Friday, May 29, 2009

WW Weigh in Week 17 and TnT Fundraiser planned!

Previous Weight: 166
Current Weight: 165.8
Lost this week: 0.2
Total lost: 13.6

Meh. Although I shouldn't be surprised. I pigged out over the weekend and I'm on my FP. I should be happy that I lost anything, as bloated and yukky as I feel. :)

I do need to get my running ass in gear though! I have three miles with Team in Training tomorrow, and 12ish on Sunday. Which brings me to my next subject: my first fundraiser!!!

June 14 through 16, all day long baby! Bring this flyer to the Aliso Viejo Wahoo's and present it when ordering, and 20% will go directly to my fundraising efforts. I'm really excited to see how this turns out. :) Please send to all your OC friends, family and coworkers. The sooner I hit my fundraising goal, the sooner I will leave you all alone! ;oP

Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Harvey Milk

I totally ripped this off from Equality California, but it should be read anyway.

Today would have been Harvey Milk’s 79th birthday. And, absent a veto last year by Governor Schwarzenegger, Today would have been an official day of significance in the State of California.

Last year’s veto should not stop us from celebrating and honoring Harvey. It is a day to remember the principles that he stood for and that still ring true today: being out in every part of one’s life, building coalitions as part of a broader social justice movement and never settling for less than full equality. These principles guide EQCA’s work and Harvey’s legacy demands we never forget what he taught us.

This year, the Governor has a second chance to honor a hero who stands for freedom and equality. He can sign the Harvey Milk Day legislation authored by Senator Mark Leno and sponsored by Equality California and make Harvey’s 80th birthday (and every May 22 thereafter) an official day of significance in the State of California

Please, since you haven’t yet, sign the petition urging the Governor to support Harvey Milk Day. Tell him how Harvey inspires you.

Happy Harvey Milk Day.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

WW Weigh in Week 16

Previous Weight: 167.6
Current Weight: 166
Lost this week: 1.6
Total lost: 13.4

Yay! Another loss! Long runs pull me through again :)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Long Live Harvey Milk

What an awesome movie. What an awesome life. It reminded me about how far we have come... and, of course, how far we still need to go. Thank the universe for people like Harvey Milk. Without them, this world would be a terrible place.

I hope that someday soon, we can eradicate hatred and bigotry. I take some comfort in knowing that we keep moving forward. We continue to evolve. It is just a matter of time. It won't be like this forever.

First on the list - overturn Prop 8.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

WW Weigh in, week 15

Previous Weight: 169.2
Current Weight: 167.6
Lost this week: 1.6
Total lost: 11.8

I think I might have hit my rhythm. I know all those long runs are helping, that's for sure! Oh, and sorry about the early weigh in - there was no possible way I was going to make it tomorrow with all the work crap they threw at me last minute. Thank goodness I could get it done today!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I'm a dork

I am so excited for the Biggest Loser Finale!!! But first I am running hill sprints. :D

Thursday, May 7, 2009

WW Weigh in Week 14

Previous Weight: 171.8
Current Weight: 169.2
Lost this week: 2.6
Total lost: 10.2

This was a good week - I still have a social eating issue, as demonstrated Sunday by my eating until I literally hurt, but I limited it to that one day and I got most of my workouts in. I really feel like I can do this! Yay!

I have also noticed that I am so excited for TnT that the positivity is spilling out into other areas of my life. It's making me feel so much better about myself. I can honestly say I am happy. :)

Fundraising for TnT

I know I have talked about it before - this time I am actually doing it! Some of you already know that my biggest inspiration for doing this was a family that my family is friends with. Their small daughter Nicole was diagnosed with Leukemia last fall. In fact, I found out about the diagnosis a few days before my first half marathon. However, with the economy and my husband's employment (or rather unemployment) situation, I was still hesitant to sign up.

That is, until we saw Nicole a couple weekends ago. She looked amazing, don't get me wrong, but has lost her hair due to the chemotherapy. She was so cute - she wouldn't take her hat off because she was self conscious, even in the swimming pool. And then on our way home that Sunday, my husband broke down crying. She affected him that much. It was at that time that I knew we both felt the same way. I put myself in her parents' shoes. What if this happened to our child? I knew I had to do this. If for no other reason than to try to make a difference. So I signed up for the Nike Womens Marathon (my first full marathon) in October.

So here I am. I have my Fundraising Website. I have my Season Kickoff Event coming up in a little over a week. I have a bunch of ideas. I even have a bit of a plan! But I could use your help. Even if you cannot donate, I would appreciate anything you can offer. Share my fundraising website with others. If you have ideas for fundraisers, I would be thrilled to hear them. Or just be here to cheer me on!

I hope you will visit my fundraising website often to see my progress. Thanks for your support!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Confession Time

Until about 5 months ago, I was an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor. I know, I know, I never talk about it, so this is probably a big surprise to most of you. In fact, until last week, I was going to let my membership lapse. I mean, I never do anything with it, right?

But since I am still in the middle of the dilemma we call life, I am now thinking I might want to hold on to it a little longer. The catch? I have to complete my continuing education credits before the end of the month. ::insert shocked face::

Well, I'm not too shocked because I knew the deadline was coming. I also knew the price would go up. But I am nervous I am going to get it done in time, so here I am looking for the quickest and most cost effective way to earn these suckers, especially since the reason I considered letting it lapse in the first place is because we just didn't have the money. I must really not want to take that test again!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Team in Training and Nike Marathon!

I did it. It is done. My application and check to join the fall Team in Training group is in the mail.

I almost didn't do it - with all the stress and everything I am going through personally and professionally, I didn't know if this would be the best idea. But then I realized that I still needed to take care of me. I needed to do something to feed my soul. With that thought, I dropped the envelope into the mail.

I am a little nervous. I am scared I might not raise as much money as I need to. The one thing that really allowed me to sign up with minimal anxiety is knowing that I have until August to evaluate my fundraising and make the decision to recommit. I also think I am going to do the marathon. I mean, when else would I do it? I would have a dedicated group to train with, so there is no better time, you know? I know the marathon would be a hard first one (all those hills in SF - eeek!) but I'm up for the challenge.

My training for the SF half marathon is progressing. I ran 8 miles last weekend, and plan on running about 11 this Saturday. I am doing hill training because I want to feel strong during the race. By the way, there are some great trails over by Crystal Cove as well as a killer hill if you run back up Newport Coast drive from the beach. Just saying.

Since I still don't really want to talk about my personal shit, I'll leave it at that.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Blah Post

I don't feel like writing anything positive, so I just won't write. Hopefully life will get better soon.