Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Team in Training and Nike Marathon!

I did it. It is done. My application and check to join the fall Team in Training group is in the mail.

I almost didn't do it - with all the stress and everything I am going through personally and professionally, I didn't know if this would be the best idea. But then I realized that I still needed to take care of me. I needed to do something to feed my soul. With that thought, I dropped the envelope into the mail.

I am a little nervous. I am scared I might not raise as much money as I need to. The one thing that really allowed me to sign up with minimal anxiety is knowing that I have until August to evaluate my fundraising and make the decision to recommit. I also think I am going to do the marathon. I mean, when else would I do it? I would have a dedicated group to train with, so there is no better time, you know? I know the marathon would be a hard first one (all those hills in SF - eeek!) but I'm up for the challenge.

My training for the SF half marathon is progressing. I ran 8 miles last weekend, and plan on running about 11 this Saturday. I am doing hill training because I want to feel strong during the race. By the way, there are some great trails over by Crystal Cove as well as a killer hill if you run back up Newport Coast drive from the beach. Just saying.

Since I still don't really want to talk about my personal shit, I'll leave it at that.


  1. Congrats on signing up! Best of luck in your training and fundraising.

  2. I'm actually pretty jealous that you are doing the Nike marathon. If I ever run another race, this would be it.

  3. Running? Hills? Umm...no thanks! ;)

  4. WAY TO GO!! That's so great that you actually signed up! I've always wanted to do a marathon, but i'm way too chicken. I've had a few friends sign up through groups like that and they've all enjoyed it. GL!

  5. Good luck! You'll do great.

    I'm amused that you're more worried about the fundraising than the miles. 26.2 miles would definitely scare me more. :)



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