Thursday, May 7, 2009

Fundraising for TnT

I know I have talked about it before - this time I am actually doing it! Some of you already know that my biggest inspiration for doing this was a family that my family is friends with. Their small daughter Nicole was diagnosed with Leukemia last fall. In fact, I found out about the diagnosis a few days before my first half marathon. However, with the economy and my husband's employment (or rather unemployment) situation, I was still hesitant to sign up.

That is, until we saw Nicole a couple weekends ago. She looked amazing, don't get me wrong, but has lost her hair due to the chemotherapy. She was so cute - she wouldn't take her hat off because she was self conscious, even in the swimming pool. And then on our way home that Sunday, my husband broke down crying. She affected him that much. It was at that time that I knew we both felt the same way. I put myself in her parents' shoes. What if this happened to our child? I knew I had to do this. If for no other reason than to try to make a difference. So I signed up for the Nike Womens Marathon (my first full marathon) in October.

So here I am. I have my Fundraising Website. I have my Season Kickoff Event coming up in a little over a week. I have a bunch of ideas. I even have a bit of a plan! But I could use your help. Even if you cannot donate, I would appreciate anything you can offer. Share my fundraising website with others. If you have ideas for fundraisers, I would be thrilled to hear them. Or just be here to cheer me on!

I hope you will visit my fundraising website often to see my progress. Thanks for your support!


  1. I think this is such an awesome cause! Best of luck in your fundraising.

  2. I am so excited for you!! ...and totally jealous you're doing the Nike Marathon. Let me know if you need help with anything, seriously, anything. Planning, organizing, etc, I'd love to help. Fundraising can be very daunting, but you can do it!


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