Monday, June 29, 2009

Birthday Bullshit

It's that time again. ::gag:: Time for another birthday. I have no freaking idea WTF I want to do. It sucks because if I want to invite more than a couple friends, then we have to invite H's family, which then will turn it into a clusterfuck when the bill comes unless we choose a place that you order and pay at a counter. I would love to go to El Callejon, but it's teeny tiny and not everyone would fit. Maybe nobody can come anyway. Any suggestions? The old standby is Pizza Port in San Clemente, but I have also thought about Red Robin or even Pat & Oscars. Hell, even the Pacific Whey Cafe would be good.


  1. DH and I are partial to fancy dinners just by ourselves. Maybe its anti-social of us, but there is nothing like gettin dressed up and going to a really good resturant! I would do this and then meet friends out for a drink one night this weekend for a "group" celebration.

  2. I'm down for whatever! You deserve to get super drunk for your birthday.

  3. Hey- your birthday is Canada day. So all of Canada celebrates you. Whatever you decide to do, look north and know that there will be lots of fireworks for you!


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