Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Happy National Running Day!

There is no way I could be as eloquent as my friend Angie, but I would be a bad running blogger if I didn't at least mention something about National Running Day. So I am going to repeat what I said in my comment there. I was not an athletic child. I was the one who always failed the Presidential Fitness tests. I couldn't do a pushup. I couldn't do a pull up. I couldn't run a mile. I was that pathetic child, always picked last for teams in PE. And then I started running.

Granted, I waited until I was in my late 20's to start and I was never really motivated to go more than a mile or two. And then I signed up for a race because I had inspiring friends who had run a marathon. A marathon! I couldn't even imagine. I signed up for a half marathon, and started running. At that moment, I became an athlete. Running did that for me.


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