Thursday, June 18, 2009

WW Weigh in Week 20

Previous Weight: 162.8
Current Weight: 161.4
Lost this week: 1.4
Total lost: 18.0!!! I got my 10%!!!

I am, again, thrilled beyond belief. So much so, that I am starting to think about what my final goal will be. I am one of those "let's see how I feel at a particular weight" since I know body fat % and muscle mass makes such a huge difference in how you look and feel. Weight Watchers wants you to choose a "lifetime goal" and then maintain it for 6 weeks before you get to be considered lifetime and not pay.

I could easily choose a goal like 155 and know that I would feel good at that weight, probably for the rest of my life, and yet still try to lose to the weight I used to think was fat but now I believe may be perfect: 145. The problem lies in that once you choose your lifetime goal, you cannot weigh more than 2 pounds above or below that weight to maintain lifetime. I could probably manipulate this by wearing heavy clothes and drinking a couple bottles of water before I weigh in, but what a hassle.

I could also pick a goal and them work to just do a body recomposition without losing any weight, just increasing muscle and losing fat. I need to do more research :/


  1. GOOD JOB!!! that is kick ass! you are a true inspiration. now what's this lifetime ww business? i swear i'm so behind on the guidelines. i'm trying to reach 5% this week. we'll see. treat yourself to that purse now!

  2. I think sticking with "see how you feel" is a good goal. That is what I have done, and changed my goal weight twice now.
    I am still about 8 lbs away from that, and you are definitely motivating me to get my butt in gear!

  3. Yay! Congrats, what an awesome feeling!

  4. Have they changed the rules in the last few months?? At one point I was 17 pounds below my lifetime weight and I didn't have to pay. I am pretty sure it's only 2 pounds above it when you pay. I picked the highest weight in my range so I could be free sooner.

  5. You're doing so great!! Congrats!! I think you can go below your lifetime goal, but not more than 2lbs above. Check with your leader, because I believe that is how it works!

    You're such a motivation to me! Keep it up!!

  6. I think they changed it recently because lots of people were setting their goal high, and then continuing to lose, and ww was losing money. :/ I need to do more research :(

  7. Congrats, girl! That is huge!

  8. You are seriously kicking ass - I am so proud of you!


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