Wednesday, June 3, 2009

TNT Kickoff and First Workout

I am so completely behind in my blogging, I will probably never really catch up. But I have to write a little about my first couple of Team in Training events.

First, a couple shots of Kickoff. Do you see that check in line?? We have a BIG team!

Sarah, our Team director, giving her speech:

Vicki, our campaign manager, introducing the mentors:

Our first Team workout! Another check in line :)

Waiting to run

Vicky giving another fun speech!

I was going to post some photos of the actual run, but they were all blurry, so you have to settle for a shot of the turn around point. :oP

And last, but certainly not least, Coach Noah, leading us through some fun stretches!

I am actually doing pretty good fundraising - I've hit $1000 (some of my donations are waiting to be posted to Paycor) but I want to do more! Did I tell you one of our teammates had raised $14K before Kickoff??? That's INSANE. Thanks to everyone who has donated so far, and thanks to all of you who are even considering it. :)

I am also doing great running-wise. I did a 14 miler on memorial weekend, and a 12 miler last weekend. I am actually starting to enjoy hills too! I know, it's shocking. I have the Camp Pendleton Mud Run this weekend, and then it will be back to normal training. ::virtual fist pump:: LOL


  1. You are doing so awesome with the fundraising!
    I was really inspired by all the TnTers at SDRnR, I think I would love to be apart of that one day.


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