Monday, June 8, 2009


I haven't blogged that much about Infertility lately, mostly because I have nothing new to report, and because I haven't felt like talking about it. But yesterday we went to see Up, and while I was blogging about the Mud Run, H asked me if I was going to blog about Up. I don't he meant this, but he doesn't write my blog for me either.

I'm not going to spoil the movie, since this part doesn't really give away the story, but if you don't want to read this, I completely understand. Close the window now while you still can.



Still here? Okay. I knew I was going to cry during this movie. I had friends that already told me this. What I didn't expect was to cry so early in the movie. I know it sounds silly, but I saw the hopes and dreams for a family in these animated characters, and then I saw them crash away. It totally hit me. That could be us. Childless and growing old. It hurt my heart so much, it totally hit home for me.

I know we could keep going if the universe doesn't decide to grant us a child. Could I be happy? Probably. But there is always going to be that little empty part of my heart that will still wonder why. I don't know that I will ever look at a child or a pregnant woman and not think about it. This will be the part of my heart that will demand many furbabies.

I commend Pixar for including it the story, even though I know that the story would not have been the same if they had a family. The fact that it was brought up at all makes me think that at least one person there might have been through what H and I are going through. I also know most people won't fully appreciate the emotion and despair. But maybe if they think about it for a minute longer than they would have normally, we will be one step closer to eradicating the insensitivity that infertiles experience regularly.


  1. Thanks for the heads up. Did you think it was worth seeing?

  2. I thought the movie was wonderful and inspiring on so many levels - well worth the tears

  3. I can't imagine how you felt while watching it. I was dry-sobbing myself, and I'm...well, me.

    Ultimately, it was such an uplifting story, though. The love they had for each other was so amazing.

    I am getting a little verklempt just writing about it.

  4. I started getting choked up from the outset as well. So many themes that touch close to home, either with myself, family or friends.


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