Friday, June 19, 2009

Update on Lifetime Goal Weight Dilemma

I did some research, and it seems that I only have to weigh within 2 pounds of my lifetime goal weight at the end of the 6 week maintenance period. After that, I can continue to lose and weigh under my goal weight. I guess the leader can ask you change your lifetime goal weight if you are under it by more than two pounds, but they cannot force you to do so. I have also read that once you are lifetime, you can adjust your goal weight upwards too. I think I am going to shoot for 155, and see how I feel. If I am reasonably happy with that, then I am going to see how maintenance goes. During maintenance, I will probably try to do a recomposition where I stay the same weight, but increase my muscle and decrease my fat.

I am actually excited because I was really sad I might have to dump WW since this is the only program that has consistently worked for me. Even though I hope to not be paying for WW anymore in two months, I know WW will get more of my hard earned money if I ever get KTFU. I'll have to get that baby weight off somehow!


  1. I'm so glad you decided to go with WW in the first place. I feel like an asshole bc I was one of the naysayers - and look at you now! I'm so proud of you!


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