Monday, June 22, 2009

What I love most about running

The calorie burn! No, not really. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the calorie burn, but I actually love something else more. It's really the things I get to see while I'm running.

When I'm in my car, I seem to rush through life. I think I am paying attention to my surroundings, but concentrating on the road and other drivers often keeps me from noticing other things, little things that I actually get to see when I am running.

What kinds of things? Like yesterday on my run, I saw a hawk dive in and catch a squirrel, less than 30 feet away from me. I could also hear the alarm calls of the other squirrels. As sad as I was for that squirrel, it was pretty amazing, and the hawk needs to eat too, right? I saw evidence of a fire, maybe 2 miles from my house, that I never knew had even happened. I don't know that I would have noticed that in my car. I have seen a duck with her seven tiny ducklings. I see countless rabbits, lizards, birds and interesting insects. I can study faces of the people I pass. I can enjoy the small retreat of wilderness that is just a few minutes from my home.

Running forces me to slow down (even when I am running as fast as I can!) and enjoy the world around me.


  1. I completely agree!
    I love discovery new things that I know I have driven by hundreds of times, but never stopped to notice.

  2. I used to joke around with Cat cause we would have the most romantic views on our runs together. I never thought I would actually say this, but I truly do miss running!

  3. sounds great! on my walks i actually pay attention to the birds.

  4. I should go run, you just made it sound soooo inviting :) Do you run in the morning or afternoon?


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