Thursday, June 25, 2009

WW Weigh In, Week 21

Previous Weight: 161.4
Current Weight: 161.0
Lost this week: 0.4
Total lost: 18.4

I had low hopes for this week, mostly because I am on my period. I just wanted to not gain, so I'm happy with this week's loss.

Now I have a couple more challenging weeks ahead - this weekend is my cousin's birthday party which means hanging out with my super cool Aunt and Uncle! And eating and drinking... I'm doing a 12-13 mile run Saturday morning and should be swimming a lot so hopefully I will stay on plan through additional activity. :) And then next week is my birthday, and we are going to visit my parents in Seattle again for the Fourth of July. Whew! I want to keep the weight loss going, so I just need to stay focused! Six more pounds until my goal of 155!!!


  1. i think that's awesome! good job! keep it up girl!

  2. You're a rock star, keep it up!!

  3. Amazing job! Good luck with your long run this week.

  4. Great job 'dipitie! 18lbs is a lot!You'll be at your goal in no time!

  5. You still lost! Woohoo!
    I am sure you will keep it up.

  6. Wow great job!! Only 6 lbs to go!!! And I'm impressed with all the running! Way to go!

  7. 18.4 pounds! You are a rockstar, woman! Congrats! xoxoxo


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