Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Planning out the rest of my life

Well, maybe only the next year of my running life.

After Nike, I will have to think of what else I plan on doing. I already know that I am addicted to running and racing. After I found out that you could Mentor with Team in Training without fundraising, I totally knew I wanted to do that. So maybe I will mentor for the Spring Season (after the holidays) and do the Los Angeles Marathon! I also know that traveling for races is more run than running local ones! I still want to do the Napa to Sonoma half marathon next summer, and maybe even the Paso Robles half marathon in March. Plus I really would love to do the Mud Run again. EDIT: Silly LA Marathon changed their date back to March so now I can only do LA or Paso, not both. ::pout::

It's kinda sad that I am pretty sure I can do all of these races. I always thought that if I got pregnant that I would still train and race even if I had to walk, but planning races this far out with little worry that I won't be able to compete is amusing and sad all at the same time. Oh well, life is a tragedy and a comedy all at the same time, so why should my life be any different?


  1. LA changed their date again?!
    I really want to do LA, but am having a hard time planning for it since they are all over the place.

  2. Yeah - 2010 is March 21st, same day as Paso :( Let me know if you think you will do it!


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