Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Planning a Wine Tasting Fundraiser isn't easy

I found a GREAT spot, but they want a bit of money - so much that I'm not sure anyone would buy tickets. Therefore, I have added a poll - How much would you pay? The idea is to have some light appetizers and 4-5 wines available. Please vote - I am really trying to figure out if this is even feasible. Thanks!


  1. I honestly think that right about now, people would probably want to spend less than $30. How much would you have to come out of pocket? How many people are you thinking of inviting? Could you possibly do it at your association clubhouse instead or something?

  2. I think about $30 would be the max people would spend. How much is the place charging? I know for me, I would rather more of the money went to your fundraiser than the site.

  3. What do you think you can market well? If you are going for a higher admission, you might market as "X" percent of the cost is going straight to the charity.

    You could as the Venue to donate part of the fee (i.e. give you a reduced cost) to your charity. You could have a presentation sometime during the event where the host presents you with a check (aka reimbursement) with the donation. this would help mitigate some of the upfront costs.

    Also, is there someway to get the light appetizers donated? A local caterer or someone who can use this as an advertising cost to them, but free for you?

    Also, you could do $30 now and then $35-40 at the door to encourage getting some of the money upfront and help defray some of the expenses

  4. Unfortunately, I don't have an association clubhouse which is why I spent $1000 renting a space to have my at home reception after I got married. :/ The wine shop is looking at $20-25 minimum for the wine and cheese. Another option is to just charge an admission and then have everything cash and carry, but that's not really what I wanted to do. ::cries::


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