Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Runners Are Crazy

So many versions of crazy, where to start?

Well, how about the guys who was running in basketball shoes. They were red and white puffy high tops. I can't imagine how his feet felt at the end of that run, and i sure as heck hope he was running the half and not the full. Or there was the guy who passed me at the beginning of the Golden Gate portion of the run... barefoot. First thought was ouch. Second thought was ewwww.

Then there are the outfits. Unlike some runs that are known for the crazy outfits (Bay to Breakers, Mud Run, etc.) marathons aren't usually like that, but there are always a couple. This time was the man in all green including green face paint. I wonder if his face was green at the end? Oh and there was the guy who wore a helmet, carried a flag and a shield. And the guy who ran in a loin cloth. Sometimes I wish I had an internal camera.

The craziest person I saw passed me towards the end of the Golden Gate coming back into San Francisco. As she passed me, I caught a whiff of something not pleasant and I thought "that chick has bad breath - maybe a case of dry mouth" but then she got further ahead of me and I saw brown smeared all over the back her legs. As I wondered where she was that she got all muddy, the smell hit me again. My eyes widened as I realized that she shit herself. WTF? How competitive are you that you can't stop to take a crap? I know even my quest for a PR stepped aside as I slowed down to give her plenty of room. God knows if I smelled that for much longer, my shot bloks would be expelled onto the pavement.

Which brings me to my next and less insane version of crazy: Full Marathons. When I first started running, it was because I wanted a Tiffany Necklace. When that feel through last year, I ended up signing up for Long Beach because it was close. Then I signed up for two more so I could get my California Dreaming Race Series Medal and Jacket. Not once did I ever think I would run a full marathon. Then I joined Team in Training and had to run a full marathon because I felt I had to, you know? But I had no desire to run a full for any other reason, and pretty much told myself I would probably never run another full marathon.

So this weekend, as I sat with my family over breakfast and I spied the full marathon medal for San Francisco (which was larger AND better!) I actually said "If I knew the medals would be so much better, I would have signed up for the full!" And then I thought WTF just came out of my mouth? Why the hell would I do that?

The last straw that made me realize maybe I was done with the half marathons: As we arrived back at home yesterday, our neighbor was out in the front yard and asked us where we went over the weekend. My husband responded "San Francisco - my wife ran the marathon", and instead of correcting him for the 30th time in three days, I didn't correct him. But I felt a little guilty, and now I am thinking it might just be easier to run the full than to keep correcting him. :oP

I am a runner, therefore I am crazy.

I'm still not signing up for any of those ultramarathons... Yet! LOL


  1. EWWWWW at that woman.

    You might be crazy, but I impressed nontheless that you have come so far with your running.

    Hope you enjoyed SF!

  2. Runners are a little crazy, wanting to run that many just cant be normal :)

    I never get how those barefoot people do it!

    I saw that green guy too, wierded me out.

    OMFG to the bitch who shit herself! Sick!

  3. Dude! That lady is so gross! :/

    Congrats on all your running accomplishments. :)


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