Thursday, July 23, 2009

WW Weigh in, Week 25

Previous Weight: 161.2
Current Weight: 157.4
Lost this week: 3.8!!!
Total lost: 22.0!!!

Okay, I do have to realize that I am weighing in first thing in the morning this week instead of the end of the day like I usually do (stupid work screwing with my schedule). I am also wearing lighter clothes than normal because I had to get dressed up for work. But still, 22 pounds is rad, and I'm going to take the glory. LOL

So this means, that even if my weight stays the same next week, I am well on my way to my goal of 155 by 8/20! 2.4 more pounds - Woot! The bad news is that I lose another point. Dangit!

On other fronts, I am getting ready for my San Francisco Half Marathon. I am feeling strong and excited to get out there and run. My start time is like 5:57 am, which means if I PR, I will be done well before 8:30 am, which just feels weird. But at least I will have a chance to enjoy the day in San Francisco! I am also excited that the temperature will be low, which will give me a better opportunity to PR, regardless of the hills. I do need to remember to pick up some shot blocks or smart beans or something though for the race. Preferably, something with caffeine.

Last, I PPH my hotel. They sent me a welcome email, and then another one warning me about the road congestion because the San Francisco Marathon is happening. Love it! I can only imagine if I just happened to book my SF getaway the same weekend as the marathon - not sure how I would feel about it, especially if I wasn't a runner. :oP


  1. OMG HOLLER!!! You are doing so awesome! GL with the taper this week too.

  2. WOW! Awesome job, dont even undermine your success!

    When are you going up? We are leaving tonight and staying at The Serrano Hotel.

  3. Look at you Ms. Skinny Minnie!!! WAY TO GO!!! You're definitely going to hit your life time goal at this rate.


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