Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Anthony Bourdain is more eloquent than I am

In his Montana show this week, he described planned cookie-cutter communities (exactly where I live) as "sterilized."

This is exactly how I feel. I feel like our entire world is being sterilized, especially my current city of residence. I would also like to point out that sterilized is not the same thing as clean, nor does it automatically indicate safe. It's just sterile. And that's not how I prefer to live my life. I don't mind getting dirty or messy. Life is not sterile, at least if you know how to live. The world is not simple, it's complicated. And trying to control it, contain it, sterilize it, doesn't change what it is. Sorry to beat a dead horse, it just resonated with me.

Maybe I should start paying more attention to life lessons brought to me via Anthony Bourdain!


  1. Bourdain is a genius in so many ways.

    One of my food blogging friends actually ate with him and appeared on his show. How lucky is that?!

  2. Does it surprise you that I have no clue who AB is? Hee hee.


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